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Welcome to the Fierce Innovation Awards - Telecom Edition!

The Fierce Innovation Awards seek to recognize the creators, makers, and doers of outstanding services and equipment unveiled in the past 12 months. Intended to promote the competitive spirit and initiative to spark new design, development and distribution of inventive solutions; find revolutionary tech or services; and to acknowledge and honor the most visionary operators, service providers, and vendors for their commitment to next-gen business and consumer offerings. Winners will be decided amongst the industry's elite including analysts, service providers and more among a myriad of categories. 

Finalists have been announced here

2023 Categories include:



Artificial intelligence and other automation software for networks, including database solutions and analytics systems.


Business Services

Solutions and gear for delivering or managing enterprise services. Includes SD-WAN, Ethernet-on-demand, VoIP, contact centers, and unified communications, including video and voice conferencing, speech recognition, e-mail and messaging.



Billing and operations support systems, including network management, customer experience management, service assurance, revenue management and other forward-thinking support and enablement.


Core Network

Technology, architecture and solutions that address the core network, routing, automation, big data and AI, network management at the core and open core networking


Customer Engagement

Partner management, Big Data analytics, customer service platforms, portal strategies, user-centric policy engines, self-provisioning, tools for leveraging and benchmarking social and companion apps, and more.


Digital Divide

Technologies, services, partnerships, and projects that are helping to make broadband more accessible and affordable to underserved areas and communities. Includes deployment and technological innovations.



Solutions and technologies geared toward bringing connectivity to devices and infrastructure. Includes Smart Cities, vehicles, homes, wearables, buildings, and all industrial verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, energy, and more.


Network Test and Measurement

Portable or lab-based hardware and software or centralized solutions for testing, management and maintenance of telecommunications networks. Includes security monitoring, troubleshooting, system monitoring and disaster recovery.


Next-Gen Deployment Wireless

Equipment and solutions developed specifically for future generations of wireless, including 5G Advanced and 6G.  Specific technologies include Massive MIMO, beamforming, AI integrations, network sensing, spectrum innovations (mmwave and Terahertz), advancements in energy efficiency, developments that support XR, as well as RAN and Core.


Next-Gen Deployment Fiber/Wireline

Advances in broadband architectures for central offices, headends, data centers, backbones or the last mile, including fiber, Docsis 4.0, PON, Ethernet, Packet Optical, and distributed access architecture.


Private Wireless Networks

Hardware and software to deploy private wireless networks, spectrum access system (SAS) technology, and third-party spectrum solutions from carriers or other spectrum owners.


RAN Innovation

Solutions and gear targeted at maximizing efficiency, automating or evolving RAN network technology. Includes Open networking, Network Automation, Predictive Analytics, Congestion Management, 5G evolution, etc.



Software and hardware geared toward securing networks, devices and content.



Benefits of Entering

Exclusive use of the Award Winner logo for one year
Press Release
Press Release
Inclusion in a press release announcing the year's award winners and accomplishments
Social Media
Social Media
Promotion of award winners and achievements on social media
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Application Scoring

Applications will be scored by a panel of judges and the aggregate of the scores will determine finalists and category winners. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

Ease of Use/ROI


Technical Innovation

Competitive Advantage

Financial Impact

True Innovation